Why Should I Get Zirconium Implants?

Osseointegration is the fusion between the jawbone and the implant interface. It is vital for a successful implant. Research shows similar bone adherence quality in Zirconia as Titanium without showing any inflammation or foreign body reaction. STRENGTH & DURABILITY: Zirconia implant possesses the ability to withstand high masticatory loads which is integral for the success and function of an Implant. HYPOALLERGENIC: Although Titanium implants are quite biocompatible, a small percentage might still develop an allergic or autoimmune reaction. Zirconia is a viable option for patients with metal allergies. AESTHETICS: Zirconium implants have superior aesthetics to metal implants . Because of their white color, in a thin biotype of gums, it will reflect from the gumline and will be aesthetically pleasing.