Why is Costa Rica One of the Best Medical-Dental Destinations?

October 1, 2021
October 1, 2021 admin

Why is Costa Rica One of the Best Medical-Dental Destinations?

Why is Costa Rica One of the Best Medical-Dental Destinations?

If there’s something we know to value is to get to know new cultures and experiences, and at the same time, take care of our health.

Even though these terms may seem very different, the fact is that they are both essential and both human growth and development can be satisfactorily reached.

Moreover, one of the most missed things during this Covid pandemic has been to travel. That’s where we would get our mobility growth.

Nevertheless, the reasons to come here are not just merely for vacations. More and more people are looking for health-related services in new destinations for reasons such as the quality, price, and/or the availability there is in other countries.

Health is a condition that is increasingly in demand worldwide and many countries have opted to support this area.

In the last few years, Costa Rica has committed itself to meet the best conditions to be one of the medical tourism pioneers.

In fact, medical tourism has had such a great impact that has even bought benefits to the country due to the high volume of patients from Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Medical Tourism

A couple of years back, according to some foreigners, health tourism had a bad reputation in comparison to public health services. There were stories about how it was a scam, low quality, and among other comments. However, nowadays, health tourism is becoming a great growth opportunity for tourism in many countries.

Since 2017, the figures for health tourism have not stopped increasing, with up to a 43% worldwide growth. Despite the pandemic sweeping away tourism in many countries and taking its toll in the most diverse sectors, well-being travel metrics did not really change as of today.

According to the secretary from the World Tourism Organization Crisis Committee, “this crisis gives us the opportunity to rethink how has the tourism industry has work and its contribution; the opportunity it gives us to rebuild it to a better, more sustainable, inclusive and resilient, so benefits of tourism are widely and fairly shared.”

Setting itself an example to follow, Costa Rica is committed to the tourism industry and the development of this industry. Thus, given the progress in the industry, the country opened its doors to the active engine of global growth: health tourism or medical tourism. Nevertheless, this type of tourism is not only about traveling to another country to receive medical attention. Tourism is one of the most important economic activities there is to any country. Therefore, this is also an alternative to reactivate the flow of visits while strengthening public health. 

Medical tourism is a system that integrates many industries, interests, and skills in its organization, development, and implementation.

A reason or motivation for your trip can be focused on a treatment to improve your health or aesthetics for either preventive or corrective reasons.

Entre las principales razones del viaje, se dan al bajo coste, la calidad igual o superior a los países de origen y la posibilidad de no tener que depender de listas de espera largas.

Among the main reasons to make this trip, we can mention the low cost for the same or even greater quality for the treatment than the one you could get back at home, without even having to depend on long waitlists.

This interrelation between health and tourism is a continuous process with adequate socio-economical changes.

In 2016, according to the la Healthcare Research Center (IHRC), there was an estimate that the medical tourism industry would grow up to 25% in the next 10 years. Instead, this industry has been developing more by the day. The costs for treatments in Costa Rica may be 50% lower compared to the prices from the North American markets due to its high local costs. In this regard, Costa Rica has taken center stage due to the main interest of North American tourists in the search for dentistry, plastic surgery, and other medical specialties.

That is why our country has developed the ideal equipment, services, and specialized staff to meet the expectations and tourism needs. In fact, according to the Medical Tourism Index (2016), Costa Rica ranks on 5th place in the world ranking of the Medical Tourism Index and number 1 in the reduced expenses category. Moreover, more than 40% of foreign visitants come to this country on the lookout for a dentist for dentistry treatments.

What is it about Costa Rica that seduces the North American and its visitors?

Costa Rica is considered a country with overflowing nature; it’s an attraction for all travelers for its tropical mountains and intense living experiences. At the same time, Costa Rica seduces the North American market for its unique offer of first-world medical services and its incomparable natural paradise tourism offer.

Every day, it is more common to see North Americans doing a trip to get a dental treatment starting on their day 1 and staying for vacations enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

According to research and data, it can be observed that in comparison to procedures costs in the United States, the savings ranges between 40% up to 90% for the same medical treatment.

Thus, medical tourism arises as a solution for your health needs and problems, insufficient economic resources, and the high cost of health services in the country of origin. Most people in the United States prefer this cost-effective alternative with a quality of service.

Costa Rica is a holistic destination that brings a wellness approach: an excellent reason that attracts visitors from all over the world to exclusive retreats (meetings outside the office to work and enjoy the time to promote team building) and take the opportunity to undergo medical treatments. Among those treatments, the removal of amalgams with mercury stands out as one of the dental procedures.

Dental Amalgams (Fillings) Removal in Costa Rica

It is argued in scientific research that dental amalgams or fillings are the main sources of toxicity as they are made of up to 50% mercury. Furthermore, its removal must be taken with caution as it may pose an occupational risk for the dental professional and the patient. The dentist may be prone to inhale the product, while the patient may be exposed to the toxic ingestion of any detachment or fragments. Hence, it is a must to have specialists for a given procedure to minimize the risks when removing them.

At America Dental, we have a professional staff with years of experience that follow a close protocol to extract fillings. We think it’s about time for an alternative dentistry, free of mercury as there are research and studies that prove their high toxicity levels. Additionally, it is difficult to remove this element from our body and from the environment since it has the ability to bioaccumulate.  Hence, our specialists will do their best to avoid exposing our patients to even greater risk at the time of an amalgam removal process.

Holistic Experience in Costa Rica

“Recently, I was in a place where I needed to get a dental treatment for my cavities”

“But at first, because I was going on a family trip to Costa Rica, I decided to postpone it. By chance, I became aware of dental tourism.”

I decided to trust America Dental, the clinic gave me the most professional touch”

“It is a clinic that has a high range of specialists and first-class equipment (biocompatible with the organism). What was going to be just a family trip, ended up being taken full advantage of. Now I have no worries about my cavities

Our patients at America Dental share their holistic experiences in Costa Rica. If you want to know more about this type of experience, click on the next button:

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Moreover, we give you the option to enjoy your stay with your special one and get the opportunity to enjoy together this scenario.

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To travel or to get such a needed dental treatment is not an option anymore. The offer that Costa Rica provides to the world as a medical tourism paradise is one of the most complete packages in the world as it offers first-world services for half the price in comparison to North America with unlimited touristic possibilities typical of a tropical paradise.

Every day,  it is more common to see travelers taking the opportunity for both activities. America Dental is one of the main providers of holistic dentistry, that is why we invite you to try this new experience.