Pros And Cons.


Time Efficient:

You receive a full set of new teeth in only one day, with only one surgery.

Cost Efficient:
Thanks to the All on 4 approach you can save a considerable amount of money without undermining the quality of the procedure.

All on four Alternatives:
You are not tied to a single option, there are several alternatives where you can pick from. A lot of specialized clinics offers this procedure and the cost will vary depending on the location. If you are looking to save money and have a pleasant trip, Costa Rica could be just what you are looking for.

All On 4 Doesn´t require bone grafting:
This is a great benefit. The bone grafting is a procedure usually needed for other dental implants, it may involve some risk and it demands a recovery time that varies from a couple of weeks up to at least two months. It may also require little to no exercise in a six month period.

This is a major benefit. The all on four provides you a fully functional, esthetic set of teeth. Once you have it, you won´t stop smiling. We have seen this one time and another and our patients always walk out feeling better than ever. Check out our patients’ testimonials to see it for yourself.