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Say Goodbye to Sensitive Gums with Innovative Solutions from American Dental

A timely consultation with your periodontics can save your smile and save you a lot of tears. Periodontitis is known as Sensitive gums disease.

American Dental offers different alternatives to prevent, treat, and solve this disease that is becoming more frequent.

Periodontitis in simple words is caused by a strong infection that can in a short time make you irreparably lose teeth. Unlike other diseases, this infection does not act on the teeth but, does so directly on the bone. Periodontitis causes the bone to be destroyed causing the teeth to loosen or detach, causing irreversible damage in patients.

Periodontitis, in simple terms, is characterized by a potent infection that, if left untreated, can swiftly lead to irreparable tooth loss. Unlike other dental diseases that primarily affect the teeth, periodontitis directly targets the supporting bone structure. This infection has the potential to cause significant destruction to the bone, resulting in the loosening or detachment of teeth and inflicting irreversible damage on affected individuals.

Do you have any of these risk factors?

Risk factors are used to find out if a patient is more likely to develop a disease. The more items you add, the more likely you are to suffer from this disease.

Risk factors

  1. 1. Poor oral health habits
  2. 2. Smoke
  3. 3. Genetics
  4. 4. Medications that affect oral health
  5. 5. Vitamin C deficiency
  6. 6. Hormonal changes
  7. 7. Gingivitis
  8. 8. HIV/AIDS
  9. 9. Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease

It is important to clarify that each patient is completely different, as is their oral-dental health. For this reason, if you have one or more risk factors, it does not necessarily mean you will develop this disease.

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A consultation with our experienced Dentist periodontist is a crucial step in identifying and addressing the early signs of periodontitis. By seeking timely intervention, patients can prevent the progression of the disease and avoid the potential consequences of irreversible tooth and bone damage.

At America Dental, we prioritize preventive measures and patient education to empower individuals in managing and maintaining their oral health effectively.

However, if it is very important to act preventively, request an ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT

Periodontics Process

As in any disease there are actions that can be taken to prevent it, however, if it is already advanced, a quik intervention of the specialist in Periodontics will ensure a better prognosis for the patient.

Periodontics – Preventive

Our patients receive a diagnosis based on their medical history, oral examination, depth measurements, and dental x-rays among other tests as required by the patient.

  • Medical history review: In this initial phase of the process, we seek to know the patient in depth to rule out possible internal or external causes that could cause this disease.
  • Oral examination: With this deep exploration, the specialist of Periodontics generates an early diagnosis to take measures in the short, medium, and long term. This scan looks for signs of bleeding, plaque, and tartar buildups, among others.
  • Depth measurements: These are not painful for the patient. They are performed with great care, avoiding causing discomfort in the patient. They consist of grafting a metal sterilized device to measure the gum bag of the teeth.

The healthy depths of dental pockets range from 1 to 3 millimeters. If there are depths more than 4 mm, it is better to do more dental medical examinations to determine periodontitis.

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Treatment in patients with Periodontitis

  • • Periodontics – Preventive or Early Detection: This treatment is performed according to the needs of each patient, however there are some generalities that should be performed when this disease is in an initial or advanced state.
  • • Non-surgical: When periodontitis disease is diagnosed in its early stages, non-surgical maneuvers such as the following can be performed.
  • • Scraping: This procedure removes tartar and bacteria from the surface of teeth and below the gums. This treatment is carried out with sterile instruments, laser, or an ultrasonic device.
  • • Root planning: Scaling softens the root surface, prevents tartar and bacteria buildup, removes bacterial by products that cause inflammation, and delays gum healing and reinsertion.
  • • Antibiotics: Antibiotics (topical or oral) help control bacterial infections. These topical medications may include a mouthwash or antibiotic gel that is applied to the area or pouch between the teeth and Gums teeth sore after a deep cleaning. But oral antibiotics may be needed to completely kill the bacteria of periodontitis.

Periodontics – Advanced

As we delve into advanced periodontics, it is crucial for patients to understand the heightened level of rigor and commitment required for the treatment of periodontitis. Our periodontics specialists are dedicated to employing every available measure to eliminate the infection caused by periodontitis and restore optimal oral health. In instances where the severity of the condition demands a more intensive approach, surgical intervention becomes a necessary component of the treatment plan.

Advanced periodontics involves a comprehensive assessment of the extent of periodontal disease, considering factors such as the depth of periodontal pockets, degree of bone loss, and the overall condition of the Gum diseases treatment tissues. Our skilled Dentist periodontist leverage their expertise to tailor treatment strategies that address the unique needs and complexities of each patient’s case.


Some of the most common surgeries to treat the different sources of infection, bone and tissue repair are those detailed below.

  • • Pocket reduction surgery: The goal of this surgery is to remove excess skin to keep the Gum diseases treatment areas and tissues clean and healthy.
  • • Soft tissue transplant: What it does is it limits the receding sensitive gums diseases treatment, covers the roots of the teeth, and improves the appearance of the smile.
  • • Bone grafting: This graft is performed when the bone has been destroyed by this disease. It seeks to prevent the fall of teeth and helps regenerate natural bone.

Other techniques are also used for bone regeneration, such as tissue regeneration and stimulating protein.

Benefits of Consulting at America Dental

Periodontics is the branch of dental surgery that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the tissues that support the dental organs (Gum diseases treatment, Periodontal disease, cementum, root, and alveolar bone) and implant alternatives. Maintaining the health, function, and aesthetics of Gums teeth sore and adjacent tissues.

The surgical equipment we use to provide good dental treatment is dental chairs, air compressors, suction units, X-ray equipment and generators, vacuum autoclaves, sterilization equipment, water distillers, curing lights, dental implant surgical motors, dental hand pieces, ultrasonic scales, capsule mixing units, apex locators, and hand-piece oilers.

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