Perfect smile using Invisible Orthodontics in Costa Rica

March 6, 2023
March 6, 2023 admin

Perfect smile using Invisible Orthodontics in Costa Rica

We all wish for an amazing smile. If this result can be obtained in the most aesthetic way possible and causing the least discomfort in patients, it is certainly the right treatment.

From our professional experience, we want to tell you all the details about a procedure that is the most innovative: Invisible Orthodontics.

The Invisible Orthodontics is a treatment that comes to solve efficiently the alignment of the teeth. Keep reading and find out if this treatment is the solution you need.

What is Invisible Orthodontics?

Invisible Orthodontics is the system of aesthetic and innovative invisible aligners to improve the smile. These clear aligners use computerized and customized technology.

Invisible Orthodontics is designed specifically for each patient. They are splints made of very soft plastic, biocompatible and free of toxic substances.

These transparent orthodontic appliances are comfortable to wear and virtually invisible, allowing gradual adjustments without the need for metal braces.

What problems does Invisible Orthodontics solve?

  • Dental crowding
  • Crooked or poorly positioned teeth
  • Diastemas or spaces between the teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite



What do I need to know before to start treatment?

Knowing what they are going to do before starting any treatment calms the nerves and makes us feel more confident about the step we will take. At America Dental, we would like to tell you how it is and what is done in the first consultation of Invisible Orthodontics.

We start by scanning the patient’s mouth to know the current state of each of their teeth and the movements necessary to reach the best result. Subsequently, the clinical photograph is taken in intra-oral and extra-oral orthodontics and then a computer treatment is performed.

With the data collected, the Invisible Orthodontics are elaborated, and the last adjustments are made to achieve the expected result for each patient.

The patient can see immediately thanks to the use of high technology the current state of his smile in 3D. This technology also can see the before and after treatment.

This allows both the patient and the specialist to know exactly what will happen and in how long.

During the treatment, the teeth are gradually aligned until they reach the desired final position.



Advantages of using Invisible Orthodontics

As in any proceeding, it is important to know all the benefits that this offers us versus traditional options such as conventional orthodontics to determine if it is right for you. Here are the advantages of using Invisible Orthodontics.

Final result from day one.

The patient will see the projection of their result in 3D thanks to technology. That result is an important motivator for the patient.

A treatment that takes care of the patient’s aesthetic.

The aligners are completely transparent, that’s why the patient can continue with their daily routine without their aesthetics being seriously affected as was the case with conventional orthodontics. No one will ask you uncomfortable questions, as it is very little noticeable.

It is removable.

Ideally, the patient should keep their Invisible Orthodontics for many hours a day, however we know that there are situations that you need to remove them for example to eat a delicious apple with Invisible Orthodontics if you can do with conventional orthodontics eating an apple would cause too many problems.

It is comfortable, unlike conventional orthodontics.

Another advantage of Invisible Orthodontics is that they are soft to the touch and smooth. They put pressure on your teeth to align them, but don’t embed themselves in the inner walls of your lips or cheeks. They are also quite light, contrary to traditional orthodontics.

It does not affect the patient’s speech or the foods they can eat.

Many patients felt embarrassed when they wore braces because their speech changed radically. In addition, as we already mentioned, the fact that being able to remove it when going to eat allows the patient to eat whatever comes to mind, without any limitation. The eternal lists about things you can’t eat are over.

Ideal for people with metal sensitivity.

With the Invisible Orthodontics, this is not an impediment anymore. Since the splints are developed based on a biocompatible silicone material free of toxic substances for humans that looks like plastic but offers total comfort.

Ensures excellent oral hygiene.

Because Invisible Orthodontics are removable, maintaining proper oral hygiene is as simple as ever. You can clean thoroughly and avoid debris on cables and accessories.

Ensuring good oral hygiene prevents future problems such as tooth stains, cavities, and bad breath. Aesthetics and health must always go hand in hand.

Minimal emergencies.

The common emergencies of Brackets are many. The most common ones are a band that has taken off, bow punctures, wounds caused by the brackets, dropped a garter, and others …

We are happy to tell you that you will not have those discomforts with Invisible Orthodontics.






Disadvantages of using Invisible Orthodontics

Something that always characterizes us in America Dental is to be completely transparent with patients and tell them if a treatment is suitable or not for them based on high professional ethics, so we thought it was important to include in this blog the disadvantages of Invisible Orthodontics.

Patient Engagement

Being a removable device also requires the patient’s constancy, if the aligners are not used, the teeth will not move. That is why it is very important to follow the instructions of the specialist to achieve the results in the estimated time.

The opportunities offered by Invisible Orthodontics are incredible, allow yourself to radically improve your smile, prevent future problems and enjoy a perfect smile. America Dental is the best choice for you.


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