Naturalistic and Integral Health Lifestyle

October 1, 2021
October 1, 2021 admin

Naturalistic and Integral Health Lifestyle

Naturalistic and Integral Health Lifestyle – We Do Not Use Any Toxic Material, Everything Is Biocompatible With the Organism

We have never observed such an interest in our health and quality of life until now. In fact, based on research regarding life longevity, this has become much more important.

Everyone is on the lookout to live longer and especially, live better. Of course, this all depends on what the lifestyle experts tell us.

As a reference, integral health is a way to approach this aspect. Nevertheless, this does not only exclude the absence of diseases. Based on the World’s Health Organization (WHO) point of view; “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” In other words, there must be an adequate balance between our organism and the environment.

Integral Health

Despite health and diseases being a series of conditions related to every person, their approach is complex. Both contribute to the integral development of people, in addition to taking into consideration the human being as a whole.

We are used to isolate diseases to treat them, nevertheless, our organs and their functions are interconnected. This is why nowadays there is an ever-growing concern and demand for the individual’s well-being. In this lifestyle, integral health is more than just a trend.

Integral health is generally obtained due to the balance among different agents such as biological, emotional, physical, mental, and social factors that will allow the growth and development of life. Together, they make up a decision and continuous action that has the goal to achieve harmony within your organism and the environment. Therefore, it is very important to take care of it, preserve it, and enhance it. It doesn’t matter how each person sees health differently. They all share the same result “being good, looking good, and acting well”.

Based on this principle, holistic health arises, which also encompasses the spiritual factor, in an interdependent way, but at the same time, all integrated into the human being. It works as a complete entity in relation to the environment around it. A holistic lifestyle is a conscious choice to create a balance in our lives and obtain the maximum lifestyle well-being in the body, mind, and soul. Therefore, taking care of it carries a greater meaning than the correct application of a procedure. It means that biological, social, spiritual, and other issues must need to be addressed with their relationship with the environment.

The holistic lifestyle is much more than a trend, it is here to stay, and more people are deciding to live in total harmony with not only the environment, but also, and more importantly, their bodies. We can start with your eating habits, exercise regime, consumption of responsible products, and delicate details such as the mercury in your mouth.

This is why Dr. Ignacio Vargas Gould has been a pioneer of holistic dentistry in Costa Rica, which is a paradise for medical tourism. Holism is a humanizing proposition that considers the individual integrated into an environment. The holistic paradigm arises from the rational, objective, and quantification to reach a certain level of knowledge. Moreover, this term was introduced to health in 1960 with non-conventional therapies. These therapies had eastern philosophies that depended on natural forces and the healing process. Nowadays, society has experimented with deep transformations such as naturalism, holistic, and integral health.

By following this train of thought, the key to human life is the evolutionary trend in its different transformations and change processes with its development solutions. Then, we can observe how nowadays there is such a complex definition and interpretation of what “health” and “healthy” means. From a current perspective, each area and discipline addresses health in its own way. For example, from the medical and physiological point of view, health is the absence of disease. From the psychological point of view, they are focused on mental balance. Now, from our point of view as dentistry specialists, we focus on naturopathic lifestyle and address health as a whole instead of isolating it. Hence, we do not use any toxic materials in our procedures; on the other hand, we use materials that are biocompatible to the body. We do this with the result in mind of replacing or regenerating a live tissue by using are safe, trustworthy, and even “biologically acceptable” materials.

The Naturalist Lifestyle

In the medical field, naturalism aims to co-exist with nature while respecting others: oneself and the environment. Buring states that “it is clear that there have always been medicines and natural cures, in fact, it is probably the oldest medicine that exists. Mainly there has always been natural healing, which is spontaneous healing. Nature simply always heals itself. It is called natural therapy when this therapy takes advantage of certain procedures and at the same time tries to stimulate and imitate them. ”

According to the naturist criteria, we encompass healing and a rebalancing of physiological mechanisms that are out of balance. In fact, naturalist treatment is generally given based on observations made from natural phenomena or from the observed experience on human diseases. Within this worldwide trend, there has been a strong movement that goes against the placement and maintenance of amalgams as they are made of about 50% of mercury which is widely known to be highly toxic even in small doses.

What Is Mercury?

Mercury is a heavy metal with a bad reputation. Based on research done, it is a chemical element that threatens human health and the environment due to its toxicity. Moreover, we can find it in nature in different shapes and forms, such as organic, inorganic, and elemental mercury.

Based on the United Nations (UN) about 6,000 tons of mercury enter the environment each year and over 2,000 tons are produced from the industry even though its daily use is being limited. Then, what happens with dental fillings (amalgams)? Why is mercury being used? Why shouldn’t it be used? What do the authorities say about this topic?

Dental amalgams have used mercury for more than 150 years for the treatment of cavities and the restoration of teeth. In other words, they are still used by several dentists from certain countries to make “silver fillings.” However, since 1920, Germany already had its doubts about its use.

Nowadays, even after all the controversy on this topic, we have seen several published studies and research on the increase of mercury levels in people’s blood due to their mercury fillings as these would often emit toxic fumes or settle in various organs. Furthermore, the use of mercury in the body can cause metabolic disorders and damage our organism. In fact, there is even a worldwide trend to gradually reduce its use and eliminate the use of mercury in human activities.

Among the thousands of worldwide documented cases, we can highlight the case of a former Dutch nurse that sued the government for damages to her health caused due to mercury. The Dutch court even accepted that mercury is harmful to the health of the dental nurses who were exposed while preparing the mercury amalgams.

This toxic material not only affects the professionals, it also affects patients as in the case of Servando Pérez who was diagnosed with hydrargyrism. Nowadays, he wants to make people aware of his condition and is fighting a case to make hydrargyrism a clinical disease.

On the other hand, most of the patients with fillings or amalgams in their teeth that get a consultation at our clinic, usually feel the need to change them. The presence of mercury and their less appealing look are just some of the reasons they change them.

That is why, during the last couple of years, modern dentistry has developed a series of techniques that allows dental reconstructions free of mercury in order to avoid the exposure of this material from both the patients and the professionals. Hence, at America Dental we only work with biocompatible materials; in other words, we work with organic and/or synthetic implants that produce a good biological response.

These materials respect the health of our patients and the environment. These alternative fillings are new in the market and are gaining popularity among dentistry professionals. Moreover, these materials do not contain mercury and integrate well with the human body.

At America Dental we want to provide you with a comprehensive treatment approach to your health and get rid of all the toxic residues and toxins that are present in your day-to-day life.