Laser Cavity Detection

Dental cavities are a real problem for children, and not only for children, but also for adults, and of course, painful and disgusting. Cavities may become major problems if you don’t take care of them quickly, using the newest technology for caries treatment is essential.

Caries are usually uncomfortable and may cause your teeth to fall out, you should go to the dentist right away if you spot one. But advances in dentistry are just amazing, there is a new technology that can take care of them before they even appear in your mouth.

Laser cavity detection is the new technique that allows doctors to look for dental cavities, in a more efficient way. People. Usually spends lots and lots of time and effort looking for dental cavities.

There is a better way now, making the process easier and cheaper, not to mention the calmed patient experience.

Just because you didn’t treat dental cavities well, you can lose incredible amounts of money, and you may not have good news at the end.

DIAGNOdent Pen

This is the new technology to make a deep search for cavities on patients, and it’s revolutionary in the dentistry field. The DIAGNOdent pen is an artefact developed in Germany, which emits a lighting which detects dental flaws, normally undetectable.

This little pen has saved millions of people hundreds of dollars, and painful drilling processes on their teeth. DIAGNOdent uses fluorescent lighting technology which can display the caries in a different color.

They will be displayed even if they are inside the tooth, which will allow doctors to spot them precisely and give a treatment.

The advantages this represent are huge, and the treatment tends to be nice, so you will want to come back after a consult. To mention some of the great feature this treatment has:

  • More safety and comfort when applied on the patient, before this, we had to take an X-ray to spot caries. This treatment was more difficult, expensive and uncomfortable to the patient and it had some risks too
  • Simple and quick analysis of the mouth that is even more precise than the older method, and at a lower cost! The laser cavity detection is an important advance in dental care in general, and it should replace all of the conventional treatments.

Why laser cavity detection is so important

You don’t need to wait until you have a serious dental problem or huge caries in your mouth to come and see us. You can check regularly your teeth to make sure your teeth are healthy and have good status.

Remember that caries and other dental flaws can cause bad breath, and of course your smile will be affected too.

However, a dental cavity is really sneaky, it can’t be detected easily by using conventional methods and practices that are not even 50% accurate. Which is why dental cavities were so difficult to detect before and they could pass without being noticed by any dentist.

However, laser cavity detection is now the new way to detect cavities when they are a tiny little decay inside the teeth. If they are detected at this point, they can be easily eliminated using a simple process called “air abrasion”. This is a no-drilling technique to filling teeth that is painless and cheap.


How much a DIAGNOdent consult cost?

It shouldn’t be too expensive because no material or resource is used, you just activate the pen and make a quick check. It shouldn’t be more than 40$, but it will depend on the service and the place you are in.

Can the fluorescent light of DIAGNOdent pen bring future issues?

The answer is NO the new technologies implement the usage of secure fluorescent lights that has been tested and proved secure. Remember the amount of fluorescent lights you are receiving is minimal and for a very short period of time.

How much can a DIAGNOdent consult last?

As much as a normal quick check in your mouth! The process will be exactly the same, it’s just a quick look to check for cavities inside your teeth. You just have to sit, and you won’t even realize when the dentist finishes with you, it’s pretty practical.