In The Operatory

A mercury filter that separates & collects particles to avoid releasing them in the environment. In-office air purifiers to be installed for the removal of mercury particles in the environment. Amalgam separator for proper collection of mercury waste. Adequate high- volume air filtration system in the operatory. For the dentist & dental personal- Protective gowns, Sterile non-latex gloves, face protection gear, properly sealed masks providing oxygen and covers are mandatory. For safety reasons, the IAOMT does not recommend amalgam filling removal for expecting and lactating mothers, either as a patient or as dental personnel that can somehow come in contact with Amalgam or mercury. To learn more about Safe removal of Amalgam at our holistic dental practice, give Dr. Ignacio Vargas a call at +1 (305) 810-4854 US & Canada. You can also email us at