Hollowed-Out Space

Cavitation is the formation of an empty space or a hole within a solid object.
In dentistry, cavitation refers to a hollowed-out space in the jawbone that can be due to necrosis, ischemia or bone infections.

The term NCO (Neuralgia-Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis) was coined for a better understanding. It is also known as Avascular necrosis. NICO is the jaw-based variation of osteonecrosis.

Osteonecrosis is bone death ensued by ischemia(loss of blood supply to the bone, resulting in a collapse of the structure. Bone necrosis leaves a hole in the jawbone.

This empty space or hole harbors bacteria which are responsible for the breakdown ofdifferent enzymes responsible for normal cellular functions as well as producing toxins that affect the blood supply of the bone.