Holistic Dentistry

Our Holistic Dentistry system meets all the needs that may arise.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is increasing in popularity and people are seeing the benefits of going into a more natural alternative to traditional healthcare. This series of treatments are also called biological dentistry, and as you’ll see, there are some benefits to them.

Here in America Dental, you can get holistic procedures done by our specialists, with all the benefits of zirconium implants and less invasive procedures.

What options do I have to fix my dental problems?

Holistic dentistry practices don’t need the use of amalgams and dental fillings. Moreover, gum diseases and other conditions don’t require surgical approaches to treat them.

Nonetheless, our specialists are prepared to apply the type of treatment that you feel most comfortable with, from both holistic and traditional approaches as required.

Most of the time, the dentist in charge will discuss your nutrition if you come with gingivitis to the consulting room along with many other diseases. This is because a holistic dentist is trained to evaluate your general oral care.

What is the treatment? Description of the treatment

There are various methods to get our million dollars smile back. Holistic treatments include:

  • Composite natural fillings that are compatible with our biology and are tooth colored to avoid blackened teeth.
  • Oral health recommendations from a dentist and a specialized routine for your specific condition.
  • An evaluation that searches for other health conditions that are affecting your oral health.
  • Zirconium implants are metal free dental implants: they are lighter and more biocompatible.
  • Laser treatments for gum diseases
  • Low-dose X-rays
  • Removal of existing dental mercury amalgam (SMART) fillings with the protective measures for the procedure.
  • We use Ozone therapy in all our treatments to remove bad bacterias and infections in your body.

Why is it important to fix my dental problems?

Missing teeth can weaken your jaw muscles and even begin to shift the shape of your face. This could make people look older than they actually are. Also, when teeth decay starts and it’s not treated, it will affect the whole jawbone and in the worst cases, your health in general.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

If you care about how chemicals affect your body and where they came from, you’ll prefer holistic dentistry as it uses natural compounds and non-invasive treatments.

  • There is less risk of bacteria being trapped under amalgams.
  • You won’t have blackened teeth as compound fillers are tooth colored
  • You’ll help the environment and yourself by using fewer toxic chemicals

The Process of getting holistic dental treatment at America Dental

Schedule a call to make an appointment with our team of coordinators or send an e-mail to info@americadental.com. Additionally, you could chat with us to get assistance by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of the website.

There are several locations prepared on our website to accommodate you while you’re receiving your treatment. Our dental office is located in San Rafael de Escazú, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Most of the time you’ll be able to fly home in less than a week, but the bare minimum time that’s needed to properly follow-up with the treatment is from 3 to 4 days.

Getting this dental treatment done in Costa Rica

This type of treatment in a foreign country is called medical tourism and in Costa Rica, you could go to more than 600 Beaches and 28 national parks and enjoy a great time while you get a high-quality low-cost treatment.

Advantages of getting the treatment done in America Dental

  • America Dental doesn’t just specialize in oral treatments as our professional dentists are dedicated to improving the whole-body health.
  • There is no need for a down payment to schedule an appointment.
  • Our dental implants are the most biocompatible on the market, made in Switzerland.
  • The cost of Holistic Dentistry is less than half the cost than in the US.
  • All our materials are metal free and BPA free.

You are probably wondering what other benefits there are besides tourism; well, there is also your budget. Prices for the same treatment are sky-high in private clinics in the US and they often use non-biological materials for implants and old treatments.

Get a free estimate done by our Specialists

Please send us an email at info@americadental.com with your information, full set of periapical X-rays, panoramic X-rays, and the type of treatment you are looking for. You’ll receive an estimate of expenses free of charge.

Also, you could get a quote via our self-service home page website by clicking on the “get a free estimate” button.

Your Teeth ... your vital Organs

Our vital organs are fully related to our teeth, in the chart below you can see in fact this entire relationship. Just click one teeth to get information about the vital organ and some more interesting data!

Dental Treatments

Dental treatments are performed through the use of compatible biological materials that are previously tested on the person.