Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is the cheapest and most comfortable solution to long term damage in your teeth, and future expenses. Especially for kids who can get the best out of dental sealants, before it turns in a bigger problem.

A recent study shows that the usage of dental sealants in children can decrease the probability of having cavities and caries by the 80%. It can also be used as a treatment for other dental problems.

Sealants are simply plastic covers to your teeth that protect the teeth from bacteria and food leftovers to hide and get rotten in your mouth. It’s important to know that dental sealants are not more effective than day to day brushing and flossing your teeth.

However, they are a great help for children and adults who want some extra protection to their dental health. The cost is pretty convenient for people, it costs around 40$ to 60$ to put a surface of sealant on each tooth.

You may think is a lot at first, but if I tell you a dental sealant installation can last for at least two years you will change your mind, don’t you?

It’s a good investment in your dental health and it actually has very low cost for the time it lasts before having to replace it.

How to install dental sealants

The process is easy and comfortable for the patient, it shouldn’t take more than just 10 minutes and it’s painless. Dental sealants can be placed in your mouth before you even realize, we could describe the process in four simple steps:

  1. First, we clean and sanitize your mouth and teeth, plus all the saliva and liquid will be dried off with a vacuum. Then, you will wait one minute for your mouth to completely dry out.
  2. Then, we will apply a special gel on your teeth, the ones that we are going to place sealant on. This is an extra step just to make sure there is no particles or dirtiness that may store after the sealant is placed in.
  3. After waiting some time, our dentist will not place the sealant in the form of a blue gel on top of the teeth.
  4. Finally, the doctor will use a special blue light to solidify the sealant, making sure that it has been placed in the right place.

It just takes a few minutes to ensure your dental health a little more, to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of dental sealants?

Taking care of your teeth is your responsibility, and it doesn’t take too much time and effort. The benefits of having a good dental sealant is dental health in general! There aren’t any side effects known, and their application is low-cost, durable over time, and you won’t even feel the sealant is there.

They can also be used to cover dental cavities that exist in your mouth already, this way you can prevent further damage on your teeth.

For kids, it can highly reduce the probabilities of caries at that age, and also protects your teeth from cavities in the future.

In the case of adult, it can highly reduce the chances of falling teeth and decay in the mouth. Having a dental sealant is a better and more affordable option to paying to have a full teeth reconstruction for decay.

Sealants are a quick solution for a problem that may exist in the future, filling a cavity can be painful and takes more time and money.



How to get dental sealants?

You should be able to get dental sealants at America Dental, it’s a simple process that our doctors could take care of. You should check out the options that you have available and see if the price convinces you, there are also dental insurance plans that cover sealants.

We invite you to get in touch with us and discuss the excellent offers we can offer to you for dental sealants. You can be sure, our team of professionals will take care of you for a realistic price and with great customer service.

Assuring dental health does not take too much time, call us now, and we will give you the treatment you need, at the price you need, with the quality you need.