Dental Night Guards

Many people who suffer of bruxism could really use some good night dental guards, many people don’t know them, neither their importance. A dental night guard is the solution for anyone who suffers from certain sicknesses like bruxism, sleep apnea, and many more.

If you are looking for a dental guard, good news because you are in the right place. However, we will explain to you in detail what is a dental night guard, how to use it, and every important tips you must know about it.

Remember: Before using a dental protector you must know the details about it, and is goof to always consult your dentist before using one. If not, we encourage you to contact us writing to our e-mail, we’ll be happy to help you.

What is the dental guard for?

The dental guards are little plastic pieces that the patient should place in his mouth pretty much all of the night.

These guards are part of the treatment of certain difficulties people may experience, like bruxism, also protects your teeth. Mainly the reason people use them is bruxism, which is a bad habit people have, it consists in grinding your teeth.

It may sound harmless but grinding your teeth too much can cause headaches, facial pain and may provoke your teeth to fall!

This is why is necessary the usage of one of these bad boys, to prevent people to lose or damage their teeth. People should always ask a dentist before using a dental guard, moreover, there are different types of guards.

These types are characterized by the function they accomplish, and they have a special purpose or are intended for different patients. Some of these night dental guards must be fabricated and placed by a certificated dentist.

Not everyone’s mouth is the same, they have different sizes and shapes, doctors first need an impression of your teeth to make a dental protector specialized for you.

Types of dental guards

The types of dental guards are intended to be specialized for any type of patient, following their characteristics and needs. Some of them have an easy and intuitive usage, and they can be acquired by anyone with five dollars.

Nevertheless, there are more specialized kinds of protectors, some of them you have to go to the dentist and have analysis to get. Here you have an explained list of different types of dental guards there are, organized by the simplest to the hardest:

  • Boil and bite dental guards are the most common type of guards, it has an easy use and are pretty effective for soft bruxism. You just need to boil them to soften it and bite it, and it will fit, you can buy it on any pharmacy.
  • Classic dental night guards are the one that require your dentist to take an impression of your teeth to make them. They tend to be more expensive, but it’s a necessary investment in your dental health
  • Laminated dental night protector are pretty hardened and resistant protectors, intended to fight the most severe cases. Tends to be the more comfortable and expensive, but its effectiveness doesn’t have price.

How to use a dental night guard?

We know it is unpleasant to have a big piece of plastic inside your mouth most of the time. We can give you simple tips to make the process easier and more comfortable for you.

Don’t resist the pain it will be uncomfortable, we know, but you don’t have to make it worse as it already is. Most of the patients make a whole drama about dental night protectors the first days, just to realize is not such a big deal tomorrow.

Don’t chew the dental guard is an advice that sound obvious, but it’s not too much. Most of our patients get anxious or even panic because of the usage of dental guards, this can provoke them to use them.

However, how effective do you think it will be if you chew it too much? It’s a dental protector, not a bone, and you are not a dog either, you have to prevent chewing it, otherwise you may need a new one, and for more time.