Dental Implants

Dental Implants Costa Rica: Why should you consider them?

Zirconium Implants
Holistic Option

Titanium Implants

Conventional Option

Zirconium implants are bioinert and because of being metal-free, they don’t give a metallic taste or a slight galvanic current that sometimes patients with metal implants complain about.

Although Titanium Implants are quite biocompatible, a small percentage might still develop an allergic or autoimmune reaction. Zirconia is a viable option for patients with metal allergies.

Because Zirconium implants are metal-free, there is no chance of a corrosion.

Strength & Durability
Zirconia implant possesses the ability to withstand high masticatory loads which is integral for the success and function of an Implant.


The cost to manufacture Titanium Implants are lower than Zirconia Implants.