Dental Implants

Dental Implants Costa Rica: Why should you consider them?

Dental Implants Costa Rica

If you are looking to fix a loose denture or replace missing teeth in Costa Rica, you have come to the right place. We offer the best dental implants in Costa Rica at the best prices.

We have a great experience at placing implants and designing the perfect smiles for our patients in Costa Rica. Our complete dental services will help your smile look and function at its best.

General information on dental implants in Costa Rica

Dental implants may be the best solution for many teeth problems, like tooth loss, tooth decay, periodontal diseases, or injuries. This is why we work to create beautiful and functional smiles through dental implants. We offer excellent dental implants in Costa Rica.

What exactly are dental implants and how can they help me? They are replacement tooth roots and can help you provide the foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth. This allows dental implants to match your natural teeth and recover that beautiful smile.

And, What’s The Process Like?

There are several techniques for placing dental implants:


This technique is a surgical one and is done by cutting the gum, in cases in which the tooth was already extracted for a long time.

Transmucosal implants also called flapless:

This technique is based on the placement of the dental implant without the need to cut the gums.

Immediate Dental Implant Post-extraction:

In this procedure, the technician places the implant in the same session when the tooth is removed.

However, whichever method you choose, dental implantation shouldn’t be painful -when is done by an experienced professional, and it’s done under local anesthesia.

How Long Will The Dental Implants Work?

In most cases dental implants can last up to MORE THAN 20 YEARS, depending on the hygiene and good care given to them. It is advisable to have periodically visited, to keep track of the state of the dental implant so that we can ensure that everything is going well.

You should always remember that a Dental Implant is just like any other tooth, with the slight difference that it is artificial, but it also requires that you take the necessary care in order to keep it clean and free of the plaque so that it will not be damaged with time.

If you take care of your teeth properly, then you will enjoy more of them and their benefits, reducing risks and complications.

How much does a Dental Implant cost in Costa Rica?

The price of a dental implant in Costa Rica depends on several factors. The type of material required, the brand used, and dental study, even the country where the dental implant is placed has an influence.

Many patients choose our services for our one-on-one personalized dental care in Costa Rica. Our goal is to provide professional service that will make you satisfied. We are the perfect dental solution in Costa Rica for you.

Not only do we offer a great service, but we also provide the best dental prices in Costa Rica. Our dental implants price is $800 US dollars. For this low price, you will be able to have a priceless smile, improved oral health, and confidence.

Our dental implants and our professional service will allow you to save time, money, and have less discomfort with our high-quality procedures. These are the main reasons why so many patients choose and recommend our dental implants in Costa Rica!

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