We operate only with the latest existing equipment in the market.

Surgical Instruments

Regarding dental surgeries, we use different surgical instruments. Some of the main surgical equipment we use to provide a good dental treatment are: dental chairs, air compressors, suction units, X-ray equipment and generators, vacuum autoclaves, sterilization equipment, water distillers, curing lights, endodontic motors, dental implant surgical motors, dental hand-pieces, ultrasonic scales, capsule mixing units, apex locators, and hand-piece oilers.

Nobody really likes the idea of having to go under the blade. However, teeth extractions, restorations, impacted wisdom teeth, removal of amalgam, sinus lift, biopsies, and jaw related injuries, are some of the most common dental surgeries people usually undergo.

We operate only with the latest existing equipment in the market, which allows and guarantees the best results in your treatments. In fact, our clinics are specially design to induce the disposal of any toxic vapors and elements during your treatment process.

Additionally, we only operate with special sterilized equipment certified under international standards.

X-Ray Equipment (Equipment with  less radiation)

Diamond Lite (BPA Free Filling)

3D Printer (Digital Smile Desing)

Piezo Surgery Equipment (Cavitation equipment)

Cerec (Cad Cam Machine)

Intraoral Escaner

PRF (Centrifuge Machine)

Our Own Dental Laboratory (in the House)

Diamond Lite