Bone Graft & Membrane

Bone Grafting and Membrane

Bone grafting is a procedure that uses natural or synthetic materials to replace the lost bone. It uses a mineral reservoir with no adverse reactions from the body. It is used in various situations, but it is commonly used after a trauma or tooth loss.


Options to Replace Missing Bone(s)

There are various types of dental bone grafts that can be used to fill an empty tooth socket. They are either natural or synthetic.

One of the most used bone grafts are the ceramic-based ones that include calcium phosphate and sulfate and can be used in combination with polymer-based degradable bone grafts or other materials

For the membranes, we have 2 options:

  • Resorbable Membranes: Resorbable membranes are made of proteins and collagen. This is safer to use than titanium membranes as there’s no need to make a second surgical procedure.
  • Non-Resorbable Membranes: Made of titanium or PTFE. It’s the most predictable procedure with the best bone generation results. However, the membrane needs to be removed in a second procedure.

Why Do I Need to Do This Treatment?

Missing bone creates soft tissue defects that create empty pockets that will complicate future dental treatments. For example, to get new implants, the bone needs to be as healthy as possible as bone loss weakens the jawbone structure.

Also, horizontal loss of bone may be experienced and this will lead to damaging other teeth.

Most of the time, these losses came from tooth extraction, trauma, or car accident so most of the time it is necessary to correct the jawbone shape and heal to properly eat and speak.

Bone Graft Procedure

Benefits of Bone Grafting.

  • Stronger jawbone.
  • Fewer complications for future implants.
  • Prevention of bone loss.

After Care of The Bone Graft Procedure.

  • Practice good oral hygiene.
  • Follow diet restrictions.
  • Do not smoke for a minimum of 21 days.
  • Take the prescribed medicines for pain after the procedure.
  • Control bleeding with a tea bag or gauze pad.

Getting a Bone Graft Procedure at America Dental

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There are several locations prepared on our website to accommodate you while you’re receiving treatment. Our dental office is conveniently located in San Rafael de Escazú in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Most of the time you’ll be able to fly home in less than a week, but the bare minimum time that’s needed to properly follow-up the treatment is from 3 to 4 days.

Getting Bone Graft and Membrane Done in Costa Rica

This type of treatment in a foreign country is called medical tourism and in Costa Rica, you could go to more than 600 beaches and 28 national parks and enjoy a great time while you get a high-quality low-budget treatment as the cost of this procedure is just $600.

Advantages of Getting the Treatment Done in America Dental

  • America Dental doesn’t just specialize in oral treatments as our professional dentists are dedicated to improving the whole-body health.
  • There is no need for a down payment to schedule an appointment.

The Cost of this Treatment Is Less Than Half The US Dentist

Are you wondering what other benefits there are besides tourism? Well, there is also your budget. Prices for the same treatment are sky-high in private clinics in the USA and they often use non-biological materials for implants and old treatments.

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