Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns function as prostheses on a tooth and these can only be removed by a specialist. These dental crowns are also applicable to implants, after suffering the loss of a tooth, only these will be held by means of a screw. These are also used for functional purposes, to correct the quality of chewing and aesthetics, and to improve the image of the teeth, that is their size, shape, and even color.

What options do I have to fix my dental problems?

To be able to select the different options, you must first know what type of problems you have, since treatments depend on the severity or the type of damage that each patient has. Hence, it is advisable to visit your trusted dentist.

Among the Different Types of Treatments With Crowns There Are Also:

  • To reinforce a deteriorated tooth: This is used for health purposes in terms of tooth structure. For example, when a tooth suffers from sensitivity problems or has undergone trauma.
  • To support a bridge: For these cases, dental crowns are used, when a patient must carry a bridge and does not have one of the teeth that function as pillars to hold said bridge.
  • In implants: When a patient has lost a tooth, they may need surgery to place an implant, and over such implant, a crown.
  • For merely aesthetic purposes: crowns are used in these cases when there are patients who do not like the appearance of their teeth and wish to change their shape.

The process of getting dental crowns at America Dental

Schedule a call to make an appointment with our team of coordinators or send us an e-mail to Additionally, you could chat with us to get assistance by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of the website. There are several locations prepared on our website to accommodate you while you’re receiving treatment. Our dental office is located in San Rafael de Escazú, San Jose, Costa Rica. Most of the time you’ll be able to fly home in less than a week, but the bare minimum time that’s needed to properly follow up the treatment is from 3 to 4 days.

Importance of this treatment

On the one hand, dental crowns are a very effective treatment for missing or damaged teeth, since for some cases, it a cementing process on the tooth of said crown to protect your health, and for you to continue enjoying being able to chew correctly, in addition to the aesthetic advantages.

On the other hand, for lost pieces, it is still an option to take into account since you can screw dental crowns on implants, which can be made of different materials, depending on the function they need to fulfill.

Description of the Treatment

To perform the correct placement of the dental crown, it must first be determined if it has been worn down or if it is a beaten piece that can lead to a change in its size and shape.

For these cases, the specialist performs a carving on the surface of the affected tooth reducing its size by approximately 2 millimeters in height and thickness to then, proceed to cement the dental crown on the workpiece.

In the case of implants, the carving described above is not performed as the crowns are fixed with a screw.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Improves the appearance of a tooth.
  • Increased protection of a tooth that has suffered from wear and tear or considerable damage.
  • Good synergy with dental implants due to the different types of crown materials.
  • High success rate in functionality and aesthetic treatments.
  • Excellent long-term option as they can last from 8 to 25 years with good care.

Getting dental Crowns done in Costa Rica

This type of treatment in a foreign country is called medical tourism and in Costa Rica at our dental office, our zirconium crowns cost $450.

Advantages of Getting Dental Crowns Done in America Dental

  • America Dental doesn’t just specialize in oral treatments as our professional dentists are dedicated to improving the whole body health.
  • There is no need for a down payment to schedule an appointment.
  • Our Zirconium crowns are light-weighted and stronger than metal porcelain crowns. And more biocompatible.
  • The cost of Holistic Dentistry Is less than half the cost than in the US.

You are probably wondering what other benefits there are besides tourism; well, there is also your budget. Prices for the same treatment are sky-high in private clinics in the US and they often use non-biological materials for crowns and old treatments.

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