Discover if a bone graft is the right procedure for you

May 28, 2018
May 28, 2018 admin

Discover if a bone graft is the right procedure for you

If you’re reading this about bone graft procedure and researching this topic, it probably is. When you’ve experienced teeth lost due to periodontal or gum disease, injuries, or other infections, this surgical procedure might be ideal for you. ¿Why? Because dental implants look and function the same as a regular tooth, so they end up being an excellent, safe, and long-term solution to your problem.

So, how exactly do we make this happen? Basically, our surgeon will take your own bone, from adjacent non-visible parts of the jaw, or — more common now — use a special bone grafting material, to reconstruct the area that is bone deficient, and graft it onto the jawbone to then place the titanium dental implant.

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The procedure takes between 45-90 minutes, and we perform it in our dental clinic in San José, Costa Rica. The initial recovery period lasts about two weeks. Following the bone graft procedure, the waiting time until a solid bone mass is received is between 3-6 months (in most cases).

The recovery time also depends on the type of bone substitute used, the complexity of the grafting procedure, and the location of the transplant in the mouth.

So yeah, after this process, it takes a while for the graft to create enough new strong bone to make sure that the implant will be stable and secure. While this sounds pretty scary at first, the truth is that bone grafting in the oral cavity today is a simple, routine, predictable, and painless procedure.

Reading all of this, you may wonder if a bone graft procedure is a right option for you. It is when you’ve had untreated gum diseases, extraction of a tooth, and various inflammation caused by bone deterioration. In such an event, we would conduct the procedure around them in order to improve their integration.

Since this method involves the surgical reconstruction of the bone and gum, it is done at the same time as fixture installation, as it happens with the All On 4 procedure. So the procedure is perfect to allow the necessary space for our technicians to design the replacement of the lost tissue.

All On 4 procedure is especially ideal for you when you don’t have enough bone space for implants. Advanced implant dentistry, like ours, knows how to compensate for the loss of bone mass, and to prepare you for permanent dental implants and single, multiple, or full teeth replacement procedures.

Now, how can we make this happen? American dental clinic is located in the distinguished area of Escazú in San José, Costa Rica. We offer the best packages and recommendations for you to have the best possible experience during your stay. While this might sound expensive, actually the total of the procedure and accommodations are considerably lower than what you’d pay just for the surgery in the States.

In fact, Costa Rica’s has become one of the strongest destinations in the industry of Medical Tourism. Medical treatments in Costa Rica are in average 40% to 70% less than in the United States and Canada, add to that the fact that Costa Rica doesn’t ask Americans, Canadians and most Europeans for an entrance visa for stays shorter than 90 days.

This is your opportunity to finally have the smile you know you want and need. Contact us today!