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Cosmetic Biological dentistry is vital to improve our patients’ smiles and overall health. More than a service, Holistic Dentistry is a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of dental care as a crucial part of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our clinic strives to integrate aesthetic Biological Dentistry care treatments and wellness by offering a wide range of different, top-notch biological procedures.

This philosophy of work enables us to create a pleasant and natural-looking smile for all our patients.

Live Healthier More Natural Less Toxic Life


Ozone Therapy in Biological Service

Ozone therapy is a holistic, minimally invasive, therapeutic biological dentistry care procedure to diminish the presence of oral bacteria. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of 3 oxygen molecules. It is either in a gas form or dissolved in water or oil base to obtain therapeutic benefits. In dentistry, its therapeutic effects are based on its antimicrobial properties. It has a negative charge that acts on inflamed and infected areas.

Discover Biological Service Resistant Teeth Healthier Life

Biological Dentistry Zirconium Crowns

An artificial dental crown is made of zirconium dioxide. It’s placed over the teeth and then cemented or case-hardened.

Zirconium is a material with many advantages to work, as it’s biocompatible, anti-allergic, and counts with enormous resistance. Also, unlike metal, zirconium crowns are not visible, which gives it significant esthetical and natural advantages.

biodent care

Our Biological Dentistry Service

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Our biodental care, all on 4, is a safe, cost-efficient, and high success rate procedure. In addition, it has been widely tested and approved by professionals and patients worldwide, so there are not as many cons as you could imagine.

We offer our clients the best Biological Service so that they can recover their confidence with a perfect and healthier smile. 

Biological Dentistry Benefits in Costa Rica

We know your Time is Priceless:

With our SMART PROTOCOLS, these procedures take less time than in other places, In addition, you can feel safe doing your procedures In the most Natural and comprehensive.

Cost Efficient in our Biodental Care Services:

Thanks to the Biological Service in Costa Rica , you can save a considerable amount of money without undermining the quality of the procedure.

Discover Our Biodental Care Service:

See what crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, bridges, implants, gum reshaping or even a complete dental makeover can do for your smile.

Biological Service Alternatives:

You are not tied to a single option. There are many options that you can pick from us. Other specialized clinics offer this procedure, and the cost will depend on the location. If you want to save money and have a perfect trip, Costa Rica could be just what you are looking for.

Sometimes doesn´t require bone grafting:

This is a great benefit. Bone grafting is a procedure usually needed when you lose bone or exist Infections.
However, due to the good care Is probably that your bone looks in good condition, In some cases Is not necessary to fill the space with new bone.

Self-Esteem and health:

This is a significant benefit. All our services, restorations, Implants, and Crowns provide a fully functional, esthetic set of teeth. Once you have it, you won´t stop smiling. We have seen this one time and another, and our patients always walk out feeling better than ever. Check out our patients’ testimonials to see them for yourself.

Our BioDental Care Team

Dr. Vargas Gould

Dr. Ignacio Vargas Gould



Higher Education

Doctor in Dental Surgery. Latin American University of Science and Technology, San Jose, Costa Rica. 1999-2004

Division of Periodontics at Hospital Calderón Guardia. August 2002.

Fellowship in Restorative Sciences, University of Costa Rica. 2004.

Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry, University of Costa Rica. 2007.

 Master´s Degree in Operative and Dental Aesthetics, University of Costa Rica. 2008-2009

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Implant Dentistry, Pontificia University Javeriana, 2011.

Digital Course in (Digital Smile Design). 2015

He’s SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT).

Certified in safe amalgam removal by the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD).

Basic Life Support. 2008 – Present

National Dental Boards Examinations.  2004 – Present

Course of Epidemiology and Biostatics for Health Professionals. Dr. Petri, May 2008

Course of Peri-Implant Health and Management Hands – On Workshop.  2018

Course of Implantology All on 4 (Oral Revitalize)

Member of the Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica. 2004 –Present

Member of American Dental Association. 2011 – Present

In America Dental Clinic, accredited by the Ministry of Health, in San Jose, 2003 a 2020.

Professor of Restorative Clinic (undergraduate) of University of Costa Rica, January 2008 – December 2009.

Professor of Dental Clinic. ULACIT, Latin American University of Science and Technology. 2010

Chief of Operative Dentistry Division, ULACIT, Latin American University of Science and Technology. 2010-2016 

Dr. Francisco Solis



America Dental | Dentist

2013 – Currently

  • • IPRF surgery
  • • All on 4 surgery
  • • Prosthetic surgery
  • • Endodontic surgery
  • • Periodontal and pathology surgery

ULACIT| Professor

2012 – 2014

  • • Attendance at anesthesia techniques and theory course.
  • • Attendance and integrated treatment of patient in the course of oral pathology and third molar surgery and periodontal surgery

FAES| Dentist


  • • Dental surgery
  • • General dental procedures
    •  • Degree in Dentistry with emphasis in prosthodontics / Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología. Costa Rica 2010
    •  • Certificate of advanced surgery in prosthetic surgical techniques in implants and oral prosthetic rehabilitation/ Pontificia Universidad Javierana. Colombia 2011
    •  • Certificate in oral surgery/ Pontificia Universidad Javierana. Colombia 2011
    •  • Certificate in Endodontic Surgery/ USC Dental School. United States 2010
    •  • All on 4 and sinus lift internship/ Zimer. United States 2015

Dra. Rebeka Jiménez

DDS, Cosmetic Dentist


America Dental | Dentist

January 1, 2012 – Present

Medical Tourism

Dentist: attention of patients, do different treatments (fillings, cleanings, bridges, crowns, veneers, extractions, restorations over implants, dental scanning, etc.), patient’s coordinator.

Dental Technician: do some dental works

Assistant: assistance in surgical procedures and orthodontic procedures.

Dental Laboratory Novadental 

January 2011 – December 2016


Dental technician

Dental Laboratory Juan Carlos López

January 2008 – December 2010

Dental Technician

Honorific mention Cum Laude Probatus in the degree course in dentistry

Active member of the Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica

Member of the International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California


Dra. Fernanda Ramírez

DDS, Biological Dentist


Formal Education

    •  • Bachelor of dental surgery (2010-2014)
    •  • Emphasis on dental aesthetics
    •  • MBA program at UCLA (2017-2018)
    •  • Medical investigator program (2018-2020)
    •  • Work Experience
    •  • Cyprosa, sales representative Colgate (2012)
    •  • General Dentist, clínica dental doctora Yahaira Madrigal (2015)
    •  • Ebais Unibe San Pedro CCSS (2017)
    •  • America Dental Clinic full time (2012-2020)

Training Courses Attended

    •  • BLS (2014)
    •  • Course: Oral photographic (2014)
    •  • Course: Novosmile (2017)
    •  • Course: First fit (2017)
    •  • Course: Porcelain Veneers Javier Quiros (2018)
    •  • Course: Digital Smile Design DSD (2016)

Metal Free Dental Implants – All on 6

biodent dental
  • Ideal for patients who are allergic to metal.
  • They represent a healthier solution in patients with thin periodontal biotypes or who tend to lose gums.
  • Zirconium is highly resistant to temperature changes.
  • Aesthetic advantages over classic metal implants, due to their natural white color.
  • These implants have very good biocompatibility with the body, in addition to their degree of osseointegration superior to the titanium ones.
  • Features of Ceramic Dental Implants

    dental biodent


    The most prominent feature of zirconium implants is their stability. Remarkable strength and long-term success make it a more desirable option for dental devices. These are designed to withstand large masticatory forces and have great flexibility under high pressure.                   


    Many patients who choose zirconium implants claim it is a short and more precise implant process and a comfortable association with the internal system of the mouth. Its strength allows for better functioning after surgery and increases its long-term success rate.


    In people with allergies, skin sensitivity, and a weak immune system, implants can be a big problem. In some cases, sensitivity can also be experienced after a few years of the implant when swelling, pain, and itchiness develop around implant sites and cause bone loss. This can also lead to implant failure.

    Our Clients Testimonial

    I had an All on 4 procedures done at America Dental in Costa Rica. Some time ago I received an estimate for the same procedure back in the Stares, but it was so expensive I just couldn’t afford it. So, my teeth we just getting worst and worst, a friend of mine told me how advanced things were here. I was skeptical at first, but once I got here I found out how amazing the work here really is and a third of the price. It just makes you wonder if we really have the best medical doctors in the U.S.
    I had an All on 4 procedures done at America Dental in Costa Rica. Some time ago I received an estimate for the same procedure back in the Stares, but it was so expensive I just couldn’t afford it. So, my teeth we just getting worst and worst, a friend of mine told me how advanced things were here. I was skeptical at first, but once I got here I found out how amazing the work here really is and a third of the price. It just makes you wonder if we really have the best medical doctors in the U.S.
    I'm a lawyer in San Antonio, Texas and I was born with tetracycline staining, as a result of this condition my smile was discolored, and that hurt in the performance of my career because it brought some confidences issues. After visiting America Dental, the issue was long gone. Thank you, America Dental.
    Texas, US.

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