Zirconium Implants are bioinert and because of being metal-free, they don’t give a metallic taste or a slight galvanic current that sometimes patients with metal implants complain about. CORROSION-FREE: Because Zirconium implants are metal-free, there is no chance of a corrosion. MAINTENANCE: The margin of Zirconia implants is at gum levels, making it easier to keep clean. DESIGN-ZIRCONIUM IMPLANTS comprise an efficient one-piece design, preventing it from shifting and reducing any chances of bacterial buildup and infection. SINGLE VISIT surgery-CeraRoot implants are immediately placed after tooth extractions, which minimizes implantation time and maximizes comfort. It is a minimally invasive, one-stage surgery with less pain and a shorter healing time. For patients seeking Holistic dentistry in Costa Rica, Zirconium implants are an excellent treatment option for replacing missing teeth.